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Business Model

AirEc, Network Services, initiates and operates an electronic recharge service for prepaid subscribers of mobile operators accounts and international carriers. AirEc focuses on large-scale cellular markets in countries that lack well-developed telecommunication infrastructures, where the company's solutions have a relative advantage. AirEc supplies an end-to-end solution from the cellular operator to the point of sale: Secured prepaid servers with connectivity to the cellular operators prepaid systems and to financial entities (Banks and credit card companies).

The distribution system works on applications where a recharge process can be completed by an AirEc customer/merchant using any of the following applications :

  • SMS based solution for GSM & CDMA phones.
  • Phone and Computer based Web application.
  • Other front-end applications.
  • Besides these "ready to use" applications there are several new applications which AirEc is developing to enable effective penetration of the Indian Market.

    Business Opportunity

    Cellular operators around the world are looking for virtual electronic downloading solutions to reduce production and distribution costs of paper cards.

    AirEc offers the state of the art technology and proven and tested systems as a business opportunity to hundreds of distributors across India. By the elements of its business technology the company promises its distributor advantages of zero physical stocking and aggregating talktime for multiple Mobile Operators. All this can be achieved on comfortable business terms and very little infrastructure requirements.


  • Compatible with the existing systems.
  • No need to educate the mobile subscriber.
  • No need for technological interfaces for the cellular operators.